Riot Games: 12 Dream Actors for Valorant Live-Action Film

Riot Games: 12 Dream Actors for Valorant Live-Action Film

Riot Games has won the hearts of gamers all over the world with its amazing animation movies. Think about what would happen if they tried making live-action movies or TV shows. As much as Runeterra may seem like the best choice, Valorant’s future Earth setting has its own charm. Here is the group we want for a live-action Valorant show!

Riot Games: CL from 2NE1 as Jett:

Imagine that K-pop star CL played the fast and agile Jett. The duel-wielding spy could come to life in a thrilling way thanks to her charm and energy.

Riot Games: Alex Sparrow as Sova:

Alex Sparrow is a very good actor who could play Sova, the sharp-eyed leader. Sova’s recon skills would stand out on the big screen thanks to his ability to show passion and focus.

Riot Games: Alexandra Masangkay as Reyna:

Alexandra Masangkay’s strong personality made her a perfect fit for the sunny and hungry Reyna, bringing out the best in the agent’s special skills.

Machida Keita as Yoru:

Machida Keita could play the mysterious Yoru, who is known for being able to teleport. This would give the character more wonder and style.

Yaya DaCosta as Raze:

Think about how Yaya DaCosta’s performance as Raze would be very exciting. She would be perfect as the agent who loves to make things “boom.”

Anna Torv as Skye:

Anna Torv is a great choice for the role of Skye, the bright initiator, because she can play many roles. She could connect with nature and handle animals in a way that was both graceful and strong.

Riot Games: Gemma Chan as Sage:

Gemma Chan is a beautiful and poised choice to play Sage, the healer. The way she played the part could bring out the caring and protecting side of the character.

David Harbour as Brimstone:

David Harbour could play Brimstone, who is in charge and plans things ahead. His strong presence would give the leader of the Valorant officers more depth.

Riot Games: John Boyega as Phoenix:

John Boyega’s presence and energy make him a great choice to play Phoenix, the fiery duelist. He was able to bring out this agent’s anger and instability.

Mila Kunis as Killjoy

As Killjoy, Mila Kunis could bring a mix of intelligence and wit to the role. She is the perfect choice to play the tech-savvy spy who loves to tinker and play with gadgets.

Viper, played by Carrie-Anne Moss:

Carrie-Anne Moss could do a great job playing Viper, the toxic tactician. She would add more layers to this complicated character if she could show confidence and smarts.

Riot Games: Tom Hardy as Breach:

Finally, Tom Hardy could definitely play the scary Breach. Breach would be a tough guy to watch on the big screen because of how strong and driven he is.

Finally, a live-action Valorant movie or TV show is still just a dream, but it’s fun to think about these skilled actors playing our favorite agents. Riot Games, do you hear me? People in Valorant and NIAGASLOT are ready for an epic movie experience!