Evergrande: Stock Suspended Amidst Founder’s Police Oversight

evergrande group news update

evergrande group news update

After alarming revelations about its creator, Hui Ka Yan, China Evergrande shares was immediately stopped on Thursday (28/9/2023). The announcement that Hui, who founded Evergrande in 1996, is under police monitoring raised investor concerns about the company’s future.

Evergrande Founder Under Police Watch

Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday (27/9/2023) that Hui Ka Yan was arrested earlier in the month and is under monitoring at an undisclosed location. The report did not explain Hui’s abrupt police investigation. This unexpected incident has put a shadow on Evergrande’s leadership, which is facing a financial problem and rising debt.

Massive Evergrande Debt Crisis

With liabilities of $300 billion, Evergrande’s financial problems have garnered global attention. This number is roughly Finland’s GDP. China’s real estate sector, which accounts for 25% of GDP, is suffering from a debt problem.

Evergrande debt fears have grown this week. Due to an inquiry into its primary Chinese unit, the corporation could not issue new debt. Evergrande’s reorganization plan became more complicated due to this issue.

Foreign Evergrande Creditors want Liquidation

On Tuesday, Reuters reported that large international creditors of Evergrande may join a liquidation petition. Evergrande may take this severe measure if it fails to provide a fresh debt reduction plan by October. Such moves by foreign creditors highlight the company’s financial crisis.

Restructuring Plan Teeters at Risk

The reorganization plan that may save Evergrande is now in danger. The hurdles are mounting, and many are doubting the plan’s viability. Concerns about Evergrande’s liquidation and its impact on the real estate industry and global economy have grown.

Trading Suspended

The Hong Kong-listed shares of Evergrande and its related units, including property services (6666.HK) and electric cars (0708.HK). It suspended on Thursday amid these disturbing occurrences. Evergrande’s already contentious predicament is further complicated by this move. After 17 months, Evergrande’s stock began trading in August, but the suspension came weeks later.

Uncertain Future

The turmoil in the world’s financial markets caused by the worsening of Evergrande’s financial predicament. Investors are keeping a close eye on the current scenario because of the interrelated nature of the real estate industry and financial markets throughout the world. The consequences of Evergrande difficulties currently analyzed, with the possibility that they will extend beyond China.


The financial position has become more problematic as a result of Evergrande’s stock suspension and the unsettling discovery that the company’s founder is the subject of an investigation by the authorities. The world of global finance is keenly awaiting new developments, and the situation of Evergrande may have an effect on worries over global debt, real estate, and financial stability.