Terra Drone: Strategic Precision Agriculture Move

terra drone indo

terra drone indo

Terra Drone Corporation, a major Japanese drone development and UAM company, is going into precise agriculture. Avirtech, a business that provides drone-based pesticide spraying and mapping for Southeast Asian agriculture, was acquired to make this bold step. Terra Drone had established Terra Drone Agri in Malaysia to strengthen its position in this growing industry throughout Malaysia and Indonesia under the Terra Agri brand.

Terra Drone: Drone Technology Can Advance Agriculture

As technology transforms sectors, agriculture is no exception. Drone technology has transformed agriculture, and governments, businesses, and farmers worldwide are recognizing this. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are bringing agricultural accuracy and efficiency to new heights of sustainability.

Drones provide precision pesticide spraying, a major agricultural benefit. Farmers use drones’ agility and accuracy to spray insecticides precisely. This limits chemical use and ensures they are administered where required, lowering agriculture’s environmental impact.

Drones also reduce agricultural carbon emissions. Heavy equipment used in traditional farming uses a lot of fuel and emits toxic gases. In contrast, drones are electrically operated and generate no direct emissions, supporting worldwide eco-friendly farming.

Terra Drone: UAV Technology Leader

Terra Drone’s step into precision agriculture builds on its worldwide UAV leadership. According to Drone Industry Insights, a leading drone research business, Terra Drone has completed over 3,000 survey and inspection operations in 10 countries. These applications demonstrated Terra Drone’s flexibility and applicability across sectors.

Unifly, Terra Drone’s subsidiary, has developed North America, Europe, and the Middle East’s most popular UTM solution. This accomplishment shows Terra Drone’s dedication to airspace management safety and efficiency, which goes beyond agriculture.

Innovations by Avirtech

Terra Drone’s precision agricultural venture has its roots in the purchase of Avirtech, a drone-assisted agriculture pioneer. Avirtech’s pesticide spraying, drone mapping, and AI skills have transformed farming.

The unique technology of Avirtech has helped palm oil farmers and plantation enterprises overcome major issues. By spraying pesticides efficiently, Avirtech has decreased crop failures and operating costs by 30%. Due to its extensive technical infrastructure, Avirtech’s drones can fly 4,000 times a day.

Besides pesticide spraying, Avirtech has scientifically cultivated approximately 200,000 hectares of land in Indonesia and Malaysia. Leading palm oil producers contribute for 80% of the world’s output. Their palm oil businesses face deforestation, ecological issues, labor disparities, labour shortages, and environmental issues.

Beyond Sustainability: Avirtech’s Commitment

Avirtech aims to reduce palm oil labor shortages, improve worker safety, and increase production. These efforts are part of Avirtech’s advocacy for sustainable palm oil. Moreover, sustainable palm oil growing strategies reduce the environmental effect and ensure industry-nature harmony.

Avirtech contributes to ESG activities. And then, Avirtech seeks to provide enduring value beyond profit by integrating its activities with environmental and social values.

The Terra Agri Future

Terra Drone and Avirtech’s partnership to create Terra Agri, a precision agricultural brand, will spur expansion in Indonesia and Malaysia. And then, their worldwide UAV leadership with Avirtech’s cutting-edge agriculture drone technology make Terra Agri a game-changer in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Terra Agri hopes to grow over the next several years in precision agriculture, promoting sustainability, efficiency, and innovation. Finally, The purchase of Avirtech is a major step in Terra Drone’s mission to improve global agriculture via technological innovation and sustainability.